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Young Artist Program


Commonwealth Lyric Theater also includes a Young Artist Program, Academy of Vocal Arts.  Students, between the ages of 6 and 18, are given an an opportunity to perform on the big stage with international stars in all of his productions.  Mr. Prokhorov-Tolstoy is internationally recognized voice instructor and creator of a unique method of vocal training and performance and voice rehabilitation technique called “ONE TWO THREE SING” (U.S. federal trademark serial number of 86200198). His voice teaching method and skills were praised by national newspapers including the Boston Globe, USA National Radio and TV stations. He was also featured in the national TV show “Young Marvels” by Ovation TV as a teacher of vocal prodigies.  Alexander’s students are featured on America’s Got Talent and appear before the celebrity judges, honored to perform US National Anthem at sport’s championships, including legendary Red Sox baseball team games in Boston.


His students regularly win renowned international vocal competitions and perform on stages of renowned theaters and philharmonic halls, including the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York, the famous Boston Symphony Fidelity Investment young Artists Competition at Boston Pops in Boston, Jordan Hall of New England’s Conservatory, and others.  Alexander often presides as an honorable member of Jury of national and international competitions, with genre ranging from Opera to Broadway and Pop/Jazz.

Interviews with students

Students on stage

Jean Furman

Clark Rubinshtein

Alan Gurvits 

Damir Orlov

Michelle Gurvits 

Afanasy Prokhorov

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